5 Questions To Ask Your EV Station Manufacturer

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It is the entrepreneurs who adapt themselves to the changing and advancing word is the ones that get to achieve the true success. On the other hand, it is their idea that are made realities while resulting multimillion profits. If you are still a struggling business owner, the problem might be because of the outdating of your mindset. When it comes to the services that are related to the electrical vehicle community, the ultimate money fountain is the EV charging station. But getting yourself one built takes a process.

Here are 5 questions that you need to ask your manufacturer before signing contracts.

“What do you think suits me?”

When it comes to the EV stations, there are mainly 6 levels of charging types broken down to three major categories. These solely vary in terms of the voltage and the power. When it comes to the basic level, the charging is slow. But it is ideal if you own a business where people would spend more in it such as malls and cinemas. The standard level deals with fast charging, and suits the best for cafés and highway rest spots where people will not linger longer. The very fast charging ones are typically for ones who are looking forward to get a full charge within 30 minutes flat. Whatever that you think that fits for you, you must question it from them.

“Should I go for single or dual ports?”

If you are having a space issue, it is ideal to go for the dual ported ones because that will allow two cars to be charged from the same booth. But you must also remember that this requires a better voltage emission from them.

“What is the rough installation cost?”

Getting a station installed takes time, machinery and a considerable amount of manpower. On the top of that, you must pay you attention to the ev charger payment requirement because that is more or less the most important feature of the station. In the end of the day, having a rough estimation of the building cost will allow you to project on how much money you need to have.

“How many booths should be erected?”

Just because there are a lot of vehicles that drive by every day does not mean that you should install a dozen of charging booths. In fact, you can start off by a survey and get a rough idea on the requirements. Sometimes there are customers who look forwards for EV load management and you can use this opportunity to provide such services and build the good name.

“What is your opinion on managing these?”

Given that you’re but a businessman, you might not have the brightest idea on managing these businesses. You can either hire a group of experienced personnel to carry out the monitoring, reporting, maintenance and predicting jobs done. That way, you will be able to sleep peacefully.

In the end of the day, it is a very economical business to invest. You just need the help of the suitable people to build the suitable type of booths on the suitable amounts at the most suitable locations. After that, you can watch as it grows every day.