Reasons For Using Artificial Blooms

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The types and methods the bouquets can be made in are endless and they all look beautiful; so naturally a couple will have to take the time to decide on what they really want. Many people struggle with the option of choosing between fresh arrangements and artificial ones. If you consider budget and taste, of course it is very straight forward; however this is not always the case and many factors will need to be countered in when making a decision.

Many people opt to use plastic or silk arrangements because they tend to be low in maintenance and very convenient to arrange. When it comes to home decor, they just become part of the furniture with no constant attention needed. There is no need to change the water or trim the stems. If it is a potted plant, then no need to be keeping it in the sun or prune the leaves. They might need one off cleaning due to dust and other discolorations though. Apart from these there seems to be a tendency to use plastic or cloth flowers for many occasions.

Price: in terms of cost, the plastic version tends to vary depending on the quality and detailed nature of the blossoms. The very low cost substitutes might not look very realistic and there will be questions of their durability as well. Some silk flowers tend to be very detailed and sometimes cost more than natural options as well. If it is a wedding that you are thinking of, then it is important to look at cost but also see how the arrangements look. After all it is your big day. Another option your professional florist in Gold Coast can offer is to have a mix of natural and artificial blooms in the arrangements. This can greatly help in reducing cost.Green notion: there is a mix feeling about this, but experts suggest that plastic versions cost less damage to the environment as they are shipped as opposed to real flowers that are transported through air freight. It is said that air transports emits more CO2 than sea freight.

Farms are also contributing to the negative impact as they use many pesticides and fertiliser that leave a negative foot print on the environment. That being said if artificial blossoms are not disposed of correctly they too can harm the environment. Climate sensitivity: another great reason for using the artificial version is because they will not be impacted due to weather conditions. Winter and summer conditions will not have an impact on plastic flowers. So it is a great option to have artificial wedding flowers Gold Coast if you are planning a destination or a tropical wedding. Allergies: some people suffer greatly due to pollen and other related allergies, therefore many events and locations such as hospitals opt for the artificial version to serve their decorative purposes.